Elevate your vehicle’s care with our range of premium add-ons at Wash It Shine. Tailor your detailing experience to perfection with options designed to address specific needs and preferences. From stain removal to ceramic coatings, we offer a suite of services that go beyond the basics, ensuring your car receives the comprehensive attention it deserves.


Swirl Removal on Paint

A Paint Enhancement will bring out the gloss and shine in the paint depending on the quality of the stage the paint is in. This will help Remove Swirls from the paint, bringing back the rich look.

  • Thorough clean on the rims including the underwell to the best of our ability.
  • Foam Cannon Wash on all the exterior of the vehicle loosening up dirt, old waxes, and sealants. 
  • Hand wash the whole vehicle with a hand towel to help prevent swirls 
  • We do an Iron Removal process that strips the paint from any iron particles picked up from the road.
  • Foam Wash vehicle to lubricate the paint allowing the clay bar to glide over paint lifting any contaminants.
  • Dry the exterior of the vehicle using soft drying towels.
  • Polish the Exterior of the paint using Rupes Brand DA Rotary w/ Polish Eliminating swirls
  • Apply a Ceramic sealant that lasts 1 year causing extreme beading of water off your vehicle and protecting your clear coat from debris etching. 
  • Tire shine is applied
  • Windows are cleaned inside and out

Prices :

Small : $300

Medium: $375

Large : $425

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings: composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is often sourced from natural materials, including quartz and sand. When the chemicals bond with your car’s paint, they create a hydrophobic (water-repelling) effect.

When selecting Ceramic Coating

  • It’s always a good idea when getting a Ceramic Coating for your vehicle because the Coating that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle is made to protect against external paint damage.
  • Ceramic Coatings also protect your paint from getting bird etchings from the bird poop when parked under trees.
  • Proves UV protection causing the paint to not fade through time.
  • Offers protection to your paint.
  • Makes cleaning and drying your vehicle much faster.
  • Long-lasting protection. Ceramic Coating protects up to years depending on which brand you go with. Lasting protection longer than Standard Wax.
  • Ceramic Coating saves you money throughout the year because you won’t have to maintain your Vehicle as much.
  • Ceramic Coatings offer a gloss to the paint making you stand out from other Vehicles on the road.

(2-3 process)


Small: $300.00

Medium: $400.00

Large: $500.00

Interior Spills & Biohazard


If you run into an accident where someone spills a drink inside your vehicle or maybe someone vomits by accident. We would be more than happy to assist with a thorough steam clean and shampoo of the carpets, with an odor eliminator bomb ensuring a good smell. After removing the spills or Biohazard fluids. (CAN NOT REMOVE BLOOD)

All types of vehicles starting at $150.00


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